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 About The Project : The Tahrir Lounge – Nile Delta

    The Tahrir Lounge - Nile Delta is an civic, social, and cultural institution that is dedicated to civil society activities and civic participation. Through these activities, it seeks to increase and enhance political and civic awareness of rural Egyptians, particularly youth, and to develop an active citizenry of residents who are empowered to build better communities, participate in civil society, and act as leaders within their communities.

    Targets :

    • To build the capacity of rural youth to act as leaders and active participants in civil society.
    • To enhancing and support the role that rural youth and women play in Egypt’s political transition.
    • To support youth as leaders within their communities, youth initiatives, and local civil society organizations.


    The Tahrir Lounge implements and hosts a variety of activities, all of which comply with the Lounge’s mission to execute activities which support and enhance civil society participation. The Tahrir Lounge works in coordination with the Tahrir Lounge – Cairo (Tahrir Sq., Goethe Institute), the Tahrir Lounge – Minya/ Sohag (Upper Egypt). All of the Tahrir Lounge locations seek to achieve similar outcomes and build off of each others’ success.

    Below is a brief-description of some activities that carried out by the lounge:

    • Visits from international and local guest speakers, politicians, activists & civil society leaders .
    • Workshops on activities and issues important to youth and civil society such as social media, citizen journalism, advocacy & activism of specific issues (women’s rights, youth issues, health advocacy, illiteracy, poverty alleviation, etc) interfaith relations, and more.
    • Forums which bring together media, youth, universities, activists, and local government to increase efforts by each to work together to solve community issues.
    • Artistic and cultural festivals that link highlight the use of visual communication and art within civil society.
    • Rural advocacy campaigns and outreach throughout other provinces in the Nile Delta to reach marginalized citizens.

    Contact Us:

    Phone: 048-3785847 / 048-3785817

    Mobile: 01144644526

    Fax: 048-3785834


    Address : Portsaid Street, Beside Estrahat Raees Magles Al-Madina, Tala, Egypt

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 Photo Gallery : The Tahrir Lounge – Nile Delta