Within the project "Enhancing the participation of civil youth in Egypt" according to the following conditions: -

Position: Accountant

Project duration: a year

Direct manager: Project Manager


Main functional tasks:

·   Preparing the report that may be required of him for the different administrative levels and for other departments after referring to the financial manager

• Preparing and monitoring the assets register, as well as the depreciation of the association's assets

• Follow-up of administrative affairs in the salary register for the employees of the association, matching the tax and insurance restrictions and deductions for this record and preparing annual tax adjustments based on the record and the registered restrictions

• Follow-up to the record of cars, consumption and maintenance rates, car expenses, and matching with what has been recorded with proven restrictions

• Monitor the stores and class professor accounts, cooperate with the store supervisor and match purchases from the reality of the procurement professor's record with the additions of the class professor cards

• Follow-up and matching of sales for items issued from teacher accounts of the class cards, as well as reviewing the prices sold with the approved price list

• Full supervision of bank balances and deposits and preparing a weekly report or whenever required for these balances

• Follow up of the sub-accountant in preparing the bank reconciliation and actually reconciling the book balances

• Obtaining letters of authorization for banking, letters and correspondence to government and regulatory authorities after referring to the financial manager

• Dealing with banks and governmental interests in his regard after referring to the financial manager

• It is the first reference to the extent of its validity and compatibility in light of the documents, instructions and laws regulating them and resolving the disputes that may arise between the sub accountant and other employees regarding the alliance on documents.

• Coordination with the auditing department and making informed adjustments that are agreed upon with the auditing department

• In the event of the evacuation of an employee or worker in the association, he must sign the evacuation of his party or mention the pledge or obligations of the association before the employee’s position is terminated

• Go directly directly if necessary, to banks, customers, suppliers, or regulatory and governmental entities to end some matters related to the association and are concerned with a currency

• Full supervision of project accounts, reviewing project records and performing linkage activities between association accounts and project accounts from the balance of auditing provided that this link is completed and promoted by the audit department

• Prepare a second class of accountants who are affiliated with him, teach them, transfer their experiences to them, make shifts, mobility, and exchange roles between accountants with the aim of filling the gap in the deficit in case one of the positions is vacant

• Make the individual settlements or the accounting settlements at the end of the year after referring to the financial manager and the auditor

• Submit notes to the financial manager and the sector manager of the violations that he may find, after making sure of them

• Work periodically between the work team and work to exchange experiences and study the problems facing the work team and include notes for presentation to the financial manager.

• Assist the financial manager in drafting and reviewing contracts or contract projects, making notes of the proposed amendments, maintaining the existing contracts, and following up on their implementation.

• Participation of his team in classifying, tabulating, organizing and preparing the files of the past years for preservation and archiving and creating a system for storing documents and delivering them to the secretariat for storage


-          BHA.

-          At least 5 years of experience.

 Required skills and knowledge

-          Executive  skills.

-          Communication skills.

-          Time management skills.

-          Good command of English.

-          Good knowledge in the field of using computer programs, especially (WORD, EXCEL.)

 How to apply:

Therefore, we invite those interested to submit the CV of the  project manager no later than Sunday dated 15th of December 2020 at 2 pm. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview.

Cairo Add: 28 Samir Mokhtar Str., end of Shams Eldine ElZahby, Ard Elgolf, Heliopolis (Tel:+20224185567)

Menofia Add:  Porsaid  Str., Tala, Menofia (+0483569049/+483569051)