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 About The Project :Parliamentary Capacity Building Program


    Parliamentary Capacity Building Program works on upgrading the Parliament staff capabilities to effectively fulfill their roles to Parliament & MPs through research, analysis, effective planning, and so on. The Program activities includes producing a reference manual on Parliament operations & administration, training workshops, study tours, community panels/thematic forums, extensive program monitoring & evaluation and more.

    Project Goal :

    The goal of this project is to develop and enhance the institutional capability of the Parliament administration, i.e., support the staffers in order to provide effective technical and administrative support.

    Target Populations:

    The program targets the Parliament staffers, i.e., the Parliamentary Technical Secretariat which consists of civil servants who conduct support & administrative services to Parliamentarians, the Parliamentary Research Center, the Technical Office of the Secretary General, the Information Center of the Parliament, and the Parliamentary library.

    The program will not be limited to these support staff only; others are welcome to join but preference will be given to the aforementioned information and research-related departments and committees.

    Program Activities :

    A. Introductory Workshops:

    Through a series of six general training workshops, the program will build the capacity of the Parliament support staff to enable them to perform effectively in their roles & responsibilities; to offer better technical and administrative assistance to MPs.

    Topics of the training workshops will include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Case studies and comparative analysis of other regional and international Parliaments and their administration.
    • Role of members of Parliament.
    • Parliamentary procedures.
    • Legal and legislative issues.
    • Drafting and defending legislation.
    • Egyptian & International Civil Society.
    • Report writing.
    • Policy analysis & research.
    • Presentation & public speaking.
    • Comparative legislative analysis.
    • Committee operation.

    B.Advanced Workshops :

    In addition to introductory workshops, the program will hold advanced training workshops covering specialized material geared toward specific participant groups. Some workshops will be issue-specific, and some workshops will take an in-depth look at technical or specialized skills.

    Further, some special workshops or field visits will introduce participants to activities going on outside of Parliament, so as to engage with and learn more about civil society, youth, and citizens’ struggles and experiences.

    C. Applied Learning:

    1- Study tours :

    Aim to foster bi-lateral relationships between Parliaments and their administration, expand the experience of participants by exposing them to different systems and governments, learn about Parliament strengthening processes in countries that have undergone similar political transformations, and more.

    2- Community Panels & Thematic Forums:

    Seek to improve mechanisms for interaction between Parliaments, other actors in the policy-making process, and civil society, there will be monthly topic-specific citizen-led and/or civil society-led panel discussions throughout the duration of the proposed program. These events will open channels to citizen interaction with Parliament, engage community & civil society stakeholders in policy analysis, and encourage public dialogue of policy- and Parliament- related topics.

    D. Creation of Parliamentary Manual

    A programmatic and reference manual for participants will be developed and produced. The manual will act as a basic guide to all participants, as well as additional support staff who do not attend trainings. The manual topics will be specialized in relation to the aforementioned needs assessment but will likely include, and is not limited to, the following:

    • Overview of Parliamentary procedure & bylaws
    • Overview of Parliament administration rules & responsibilities
    • The Egyptian Budget
    • The Egyptian Political System
    • Role of the sector specific committees
    • Powers of the President of the Republic
    • Process of drafting legislation
    • Case studies and/or comparative analysis of other Arab, regional or international Parliaments

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