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 About The Project :Pull Down the Fence - Interfaith


    Through a series of joint professional development workshops for teachers and arts, fun and cultural activities for students,

     This initiative aims to; 

    1) Provide teachers with necessary skills to engage students of both faiths and encourage inter-faith socializing and learning OR build on teachers’ skills to encourage further development in these areas; 

    2) Provide students of all faiths with opportunities to co-mingle through various community service and cultural activities;

     3) Bring together public figures for dialogue around sectarian and community issues; 

    4) Expand on the PDF model so that it can be applicable to other schools and areas of Egypt.


    1. Short term: Build capacity of teachers to encourage neighborliness and coexistence of all citizens regardless of faith

    2. Short term: Break down systematic intolerance taught to Egyptian children through relationships formed as a result of engagement in cultural and community activities

    3. Long term: Reduced tensions between Christian & Muslim communities


    Involvement of Religious Leaders:

    The priests and imams will be involved in a conversation around how to incorporate interfaith methods and ideas of coexistence in their parishes. Ideas from these meetings will be used in the project activities. A project facilitator will be with the religious leaders at these monthly meetings. The meetings will run from month 2- 10.

    There will be an opportunity for all other religious leaders to congregate together for a two-day meeting to discuss challenges and solutions to issues they face within their communities and parishes.

    Community & Women Involvement:

     There will be one open town-hall in each area where community leaders, interested facilitator applicants, and schools can attend to learn more about the program, its focus, its goals, and how to be involved.

    Teacher Training / Professional Development (Month 2):

    A.  A specialized, professional-development training for the participating teachers

    will be created by project staff, in cooperation with the religious leaders and 2-4 previously participants.

    Teachers will participate in one professional development workshop per month for the rest of the program.

    Activities for students (Month 3-11):

    B. Cultural Activities for student participants & Expositions

    Participants will be introduced to the cultural heritage that is shared by all Egyptians regardless of religion. At the end of every workshop participants will make joint presentations of their work to the rest of the group. Each month of the program will have a different theme, with workshops taking place during that month. Workshops will be held at community spaces, Ministry of Culture shared workspaces (we have received pre-approval for this), local NGOs, schools, the Tahrir Lounge – Nile Delta, and other areas as applicable.

    Throughout the duration of the program, students will have the opportunity to display their work or perform in public expositions in community spaces. There will be four public expositions in each area, for a total of eight public expositions throughout the duration of the program.

    Since the project is working in three different areas, there is also the opportunity for the students from the Nile Delta region to exchange letters or emails with students in Upper Egypt.

    Possible themes and workshops include, but are not limited to:

    Ancient Egyptian arts, crafts, and culture: Participants will explore ancient Egyptian culture and heritage through arts, crafts, and culture. There will be a total of 9 workshops in each area (one per month, for a combined total of 27 workshops). Activities may include (but are not limited to):

    •  Papyrus making • Pottery • Sculpture • Hieroglyphs • Painting • Literature

    • Architecture •  Amarna Art • Drama • Story-telling •  Traditional costume making

    Historical workshops : •  Ancient Egypt •  Roman Egypt •  Hellenistic Egypt •  Nubian Cultures

    Sports activities: There will be 4 football matches in each area throughout the duration of the activities, for a total of eight matches.

    C. Community Service:

    Students will be involved in initiatives to better their school and surrounding communities

 Photo Gallery :Pull Down the Fence - Interfaith

 Video : Pull Down the Fence - Interfaith
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