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 About The Project :Supporting Community Participation in Local Councils

    The goal of the project

    Sadat Association is seeking funding for a program titled: “Supporting Community Participation in Local Councils”. The program aims to increase public knowledge of the new legislation in the local councils and enabling citizens who have this knowledge to be more involved with the local councils. The program will bring citizens and local councils together in a series of forums, will issue a reference manual for the community, and will bring together analyzes of citizens’ recommendations in order to develop joint work with local councils.

    Project description and objectives

    One of Sadat Association’s goals is to support community participation and involvement of all segments of society to be able to solve their problems by building bridges of trust between the community and local administration.

    The project aims to:

      1- Local leaders support.
      2- Provide citizens with needed knowledge to become more involved with local councils

    Local councils in Egypt was dissolved in the wake of January 25th revolution. The elected parliament have become recently to the final stages of drafting bills will be applied in local councils by the end of 2012.
    It is expected that the new legislations will expand of the authority of local councils to be able to draft legislations at the local level, in addition to exercise control over the local budget. Therefore, the main goal of the project is to enhance community involvement in supporting and building strong local councils.

    Since the new local councils’ legislations will be completed within the next two months, Sadat Association seeks to familiarize citizens from the selected governorates of the new legislations t o bring together young people, members of the local councils, members of parliament, community leaders, and representatives of local NGOs to work collaboratively, which will result in increased citizen participation in decision-making at the local level. In addition, the participants will have the opportunity to attend legislative sessions in the local councils if the program timing allowed to do so.

    Target groups and governorates

    Expected total number of participants in the proposed forum is 70 community members from the following governorates: Cairo, Menoufia, and Gharbia. Women participants make up at least 50% of participants from each governorate. Participants will be selected from among the community leaders, youth groups, local NGOs, and former members of the local councils.

    Project’s implementation area

    The project will be implemented in Monofia governorate.

    Duration of the project

    The project will be implemented within 12 months

    Project activities

    1. Project preparation:

    1.1. Recruitment of the project staff: 3 forum facilitators (will be identified later), a project manager, and 2 project administrators (from the current full-time team of Sadat Association)

    1.2. Project’s training team: to conduct the project’s training and mentoring activities for two days to get to know the project's objectives and activities, in addition to two professional trainers to train the staff on facilitation techniques, the new legislations, and on how to manage a successful community forums, etc.

    1.3. Planning the arrangements needed for the project activities:

    1.3.1. Develop informal work protocols with local councils in each governorate to ensure the participation of relevant politicians, state employees, non-governmental organizations, and local authorities

    1.3.2. Arrange for a space to manage the Forum (either within the local council or in a nearby area, which most likely will be in Cairo)

    1.3.3. The project staff and directors will invite speakers, and identify the forum topics (potential topics to be discussed include: the new local administration law, decentralization, community participation and the extent of constituency participation, local issues, budget preparation, etc.).

    1.3.4. Project announcements and awareness materials within selected governorates

    1.4. A public inauguration event: an opening ceremony to launch the project attended by the public and the media

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