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 About The Project :The Youth Civic Leadership Academy


    The Youth Civic Leadership Academy engages youth in political and civic activities while increasing their general level of political awareness through:

    1) Building the capacity of youth to act as civic, political and community leaders and organizers, thus enabling them as leaders to build the capacity of others.

    2) Supporting youth leaders in individual initiatives related to organized political and civic activities or campaigns. Participants will take part in a variety of workshops that will empower them with the knowledge to take an active and effective role in the political and civic development of their communities and of Egypt as the country establishes a fully functioning democracy.


    To empower youth to become leaders in their community, both civically and politically, in an active and effective way as Egypt makes a democratic transition.


    Build capacity of youth to act as civic, political, and community leaders and enable them to build others’ capacity .

    Support youth leaders in individual initiatives related to organizing political and civic activities or campaigns

    Target Population:

    The target population will be youth, between the ages of 21 and 30, from Mounifia and its surrounding governorates (including but not limited to Gharbeya, Qalyubia, Behira, Sharqia, and Dakahlia) who have been active in organizing political and civic initiatives in the aftermath of the 25th January Revolution.

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