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 About The Project :Strengthening the Rule of Law During Egypt’s Transition to Democracy

    Project Goal

    The goal of this program is to strengthen the rule of law in Egypt by advocating for cultural and legal changes, empowering rural legal advocates, and building a foundation for long-term structural and systematic changes.

    Project Description & Activities:

    Nearly 250 young lawyers, law students, judges, media professionals and more from the Nile Delta and Cairo participate in a series of varied activities including workshops & legal training, network building by and between local legal advocates, rural-urban knowledge exchange, work placement, the creation of watchdog units, and research culminating in final constitutional recommendations will result in the following objectives.

    1) Build the capacity of rural lawyers to effectively engage in fair legal rights-based practices, to enforce the rule of law, and participate in constitutional reform.

    2) Increase knowledge of urban lawyers with regards to rural Egyptians’ constitutional and legal needs, white preparing them to represent rural populations while building Egypt’s foundations and institutions during the democratic transition.

    3) Build the capacity of rural media professionals to effectively report on and raise awareness of legal developments in Egypt, and

    4) Develop a sustainable network through which lawyers, judges and media professionals work together to advocate for the rule of law, civil rights, and government transparency and accountability. 

    The main needs that this program addresses include:

    • The capacity of lawyers to advocate for rule of law and human rights issues
    • The necessary redraft of the state constitution
    • The need to demand government transparency & accountability
    • Critical rural-urban knowledge exchange.

    Program activities address these four needs in an integrated way to promote the development of increased rule of law in Egypt.

    The program will result in a network of trained legal and media professionals in the Nile Delta who will be well positioned to advocate the rule of law. 

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 Photo Gallery :Strengthening the Rule of Law During Egypt’s Transition to Democracy

 Video : Strengthening the Rule of Law During Egypt’s Transition to Democracy
    • Rule of Law Orientation for Program Participants Takes Place in Menofia