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 About The Project : Job opportunities for young people

    The project is a good opportunity to extract the energies of young people and take advantage of the initiatives and activities that benefit and develop the local community in general. The project will also help to generate quick income especially for unemployed youth. The project is characterized by innovation, where it works to alleviate poverty, help young people integrate into the community, and work on the integration of roles between government and civil society organizations

    Project Objectives:

    • Create 210 job opportunities monthly for the unemployed youth.
    • Beautification and decoration of Tala town and 44 of its satellite villages.
    • Development of citizenship and commitment spirit among youth through their participation in the implementation of community-based initiatives.
    • Providing a clean and appropriate environment for children in basic education age through beautification of the classrooms of the primary and kindergarten stages.

    Planned activities:

    • Formation of a committee of the association’s management and the Social Fund to select the workers (210 men / women) from Tala town and its satellite villages
    • Restoration and painting of the platforms of Tala streets.
    • Decoration of the walls of government buildings and schools.
    • Conducting 20,000 field visits to mothers to raise their awareness of healthy nutrition methods.
    • Painting of 100 kindergarten’s classrooms in public schools.
    • Design and printing of 1000 posters and post them in schools.
    • Implementation of 50 environment education days for children to make them more concerned with the environment and train them on how to recycle some of the environmental materials.
    • Implementation of 6 seminars to educate farmers entitled \"Master farmer\"

    Target areas:

    The town of Tala and 44 of its satellite villages

    Target groups:

    1260 young men and women from the age group of 18 -29 years through a period of six months.

    Project partners:

    • Sadat Association for Development and Social Care
    • Social Fund for Development
    • Local units of Tala town and its satellite villages
    • Tala Educational Directorate
    • Tala youth centers

    Project implementation’s time frame:

    June 2014 - February 2015

    Summary of what has been implemented to date:

    • A Memorandum of Understanding was concluded between the association and Tala Educational Directorate to allow the association staff to enter the schools to do the painting.
    • A number of 38 classrooms in 19 primary schools in Tala town and its satellite villages were painted.
    • A number of 3,500 home visits were conducted to provide mothers and their children with basic health education.

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