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 About The Project :No to Unemployment

    The project is funded by the Sawiris Foundation to be implemented during the period of May 2014 through October 2014. Only the first phase of the project was completed by handing over 21 sewing machines and 15 tricycles.

    “No to Unemployment” Project is part of a long series of Sadat Association’s successes over 10 years of work in Menofia governorate which includes; providing job opportunities for young people and breadwinner households and reduction of unemployment rate by providing the target groups with kiosks, tricycles, sewing machines, and earth diggers for agricultural purposes.

    The project aims to provide job opportunities for the poorest of the poor families in the rural areas of Menofia governorate (villages of Tala and Elshohada districts) being deprived from the government support so the poor families were in bad need to a small income-generating project to provide them with a decent income.

    Overall Goal:

    Creating a self-employment opportunities for unemployed 180 young men and women in villages of Tala and Elshohada districts through skill or artisanal training on agricultural earth diggers, tricycles, cutting and sewing during a period of 18 months which is the project’s life period. After the training, the beneficiaries receive an in-kind loan to start their own small enterprise to ensure a decent life for themselves and their families.

    Specific short-term objectives and expected results:

    Reduction of the unemployment rate by creating 180 job opportunities for young men and women, especially family-headed women by providing them with skill training that ends up by receiving an in-kind loan with 12% interest rate to provide them with a decent life, as follows:

    • A number of 60 beneficiaries are trained on tricycle maintenance that ends up by receiving an in-kind loan with 12% interest rate per annum for the purchase of the tricycle to be paid within a period of 36 months with a monthly installment.
    • Anumber of 40 beneficiaries are trained on how to use and maintain the earth digger, agricultural tools and methods, different ways of modern irrigation and project management and implementation. The training ends up with a loan with 12% interest rate per annum for a period of 30 months.
    • A number of 80 beneficiaries are trained on cutting and sewing (60 Singer brand sewing machines + 20 Over). The young women are being trained on how to use the machine and methods of cutting and sewing that ends up with a loan with an interest rate of 12% for a period of 30 months.
    • Encouragement and empowerment of rural women in particular to be able to join the labor market.
    • Promotion of self-employment.
    • Encouraging young people to set up their own small and micro projects in light of the difficult economic conditions experienced by the state and the lack of adequate employment opportunities.
    • Creating indirect job opportunities and enhance the state’s economic boom.

    Target Areas:

    Villages of Tala and Elshohada districts of Monofia governorate.

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