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 About The Project :Kidney Dialysis Machine

    Kidney Failure is one of the most common diseases in Egypt, caused by environmental factors such as pollution, poor sanitation and poor water quality. Despite the large numbers of Egyptians affected with this disease, Tala’s central hospital was not equipped with a Kidney Dialysis machine. El Sadat Association secured funding from the GIZ to provide one machine to the Tala central hospital in 2009. 

    By providing the hospital with this unit, poor residents who suffer from kidney problems but cannot afford treatment can seek treatment at the central hospital. After the machines were installed in the Tala central hospital, the hospital serves more than 2000 kidney-related patients monthly.         

 Photo Gallery :Kidney Dialysis Machine

 Video : Kidney Dialysis Machine
    • Inauguration event of the project “Improvement of the Nephrology Department” of Tala Central Hospital in Menoufia Governorate.

      The word of Mr. Mohamed Anwar Essadat, chairman of Sadat Association for Development and Social Welfare at the inauguration ceremony of delivery and operation of 8 dialysis units in Tala central hospital.