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 About The Project :Bicycles for Education “Talasklta” Project

    El Sadat Association for Development and Social Welfare reached an agreement with the Polish Embassy in Egypt to get a grant to buy 500 bicycles.

    The project objectives:

    This project is of great importance and long-term impact, not only on the towns of Tala and Elshohada in Menoufia governorate, but also on the entire Delta region where the project is planned to extend over the coming years.

    \"Bicycles for Education\" is a project by ESA with the main objectives:

    1) to support the education process by encouraging the most marginalized and poor students in Menoufia governorate to continue their education,

    2) reducing the dropout rate in the Delta governorates,

    3) shedding light on one of the deepest problems that affect the dropout rate in Egypt.

    4) to raise awareness about the use of bicycles as a safe means of transport and encourage students to continue their education.

    This project is planned to extend over the coming years, and the first phase will be setting the conditions and criteria that must be met by the students to get the bicycles.

    This criteria includes:

    • A long distance between home and school
    • The number of siblings who may will benefit from the bicycle
    • The educational performance of students
    • Degree of household poverty

    Project results

    • Giving access and transportation facility to students who are keen to continue their education.
    • Encourage the marginalized and the poorest students of Tala and Elshohada in Monofia governorate to continue their education.
    • Raise awareness of the education problems in Egypt.
    • Contribute to reduction of dropout rates.
    • Encourage young people to use bicycles as clean and environment friendly means of transportation.

    Number of bicycles required: 500 bikes.

    Sustainability of the project:

    The project aims to maintain impact and sustainability through four ways:

    • Remain in contact with beneficiaries to ensure that the bikes meet their needs.
    • Ensure there is a one year warrantee from the supporting company to keep the bicycles
    • Follow-up with the beneficiaries and their families to for lessons learned in the future, since ESA is planning to expand and enhance the sustainability of the project over the coming years.
    • Expand the project for more than one year to help achieve its long-term goals.

 Photo Gallery :Bicycles for Education “Talasklta” Project