Community development

  • Post-Revolution Political Remix

    This program empowers young artists to participate in post-revolutionary civic activities through civic education paired with guidance from local artists. During this short three month program ... read more

  • Street Music Festivals

    El Sadat Association, in cooperation with the American Development Foundation, held a series of four Street Music Festivals in celebration of the new found freedom of expression made possible by the 25th January ... read more

  • Technology Centers

    El Sadat Association has set-up a total of 16 technology centers around the Monofeya governorate.
    Centers are equipped with computers and internet access and are open to all community members. ... read more


Civic Engagement

  • Empowering Women Local Council Candidates for Inclusive Local Governance

    Objectives of the project: To empower 90 women in the Nile Delta to run for local councils & to be pioneers of inclusion and strong local governance in their communities. ... read more

  • Supporting Community Participation in Local Councils

    Sadat Association is seeking funding for a program titled: “Supporting Community Participation in Local Councils”.
    The program aims to increase public knowledge of the new legislation in the local councils ... read more

  • The Youth Civic Leadership Academy

    The Youth Civic Leadership Academy engages youth in political and civic activities while increasing their general level of political awareness through :
    1) Building the capacity of youth to act as civic, political and community leaders and organizers ... read more

  • Tawasol: Public Sector & Civil Society Cooperation

    Through the cooperation of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, this project seeks to build the capacity of civil servants working within various ministries of Egyptian government, NGOs and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)... read more

  • Khatwa

    Khatwa aims to strengthen youth involvement in civil society in Egypt through active citizenship education.
    The program aims to empower social change and tackle regional needs by providing capacity building for active young people. ... read more

  • Strengthening the Rule of Law During Egypt’s Transition to Democracy

    The goal of this program is to strengthen the rule of law in Egypt by advocating for cultural and legal changes, empowering rural legal advocates, and building a foundation for long-term structural ... read more

  • Parliamentary Capacity Building Program

    Parliamentary Capacity Building Program works on upgrading the Parliament staff capabilities to effectively fulfill their roles to Parliament & MPs through research, analysis, effective planning, and so on. ... read more

  • Youth Voter Education Campaign

    A campaign that aims to raise civil and political awareness of the youth through introducing them to their civil and political rights, the political system of the state and its components, the official and non-official institutions of the State; with the purpose ... read more

  • The Tahrir Lounge – Nile Delta

    The Tahrir Lounge - Nile Delta is an civic, social, and cultural institution that is dedicated to civil society activities and civic participation. Through these activities, it seeks to increase and enhance political and civic awareness of rural Egyptians... read more

  • Community Support for Local Councils

    The goal of this project is to build transparent, accountable, and responsive local government in the Menofia Governorate, that works with citizens to find solutions for local community issues. ... read more



  • Job opportunities for young people

    The project is a good opportunity to extract the energies of young people and take advantage of the initiatives and activities that benefit and develop the local community in general.
    The project will also help to generate quick income especially ... read more

  • No to Unemployment

    The project is funded by the Sawiris Foundation to be implemented during the period of May 2014 through October 2014.
    Only the first phase of the project was completed by handing over 21 sewing machines and 15 tricycles. ... read more

  • Kiosks for Female Heads-of-Households

    Due to a shortage of employment opportunities and available farmland around the Menofia governorate, a large percentage of the male population has left the area to search for income beyond the governorate’s borders. ... read more

  • Motor-Tricycles for Unemployed Youth

    El Sadat Association conducted a series of informal meetings with youth volunteers and local youth residents of Menofia, who highlighted that unemployment was a large problem they were facing.
    To meet this need To meet this need... read more



  • Kidney Dialysis Machine

    Kidney Failure is one of the most common diseases in Egypt, caused by environmental factors such as pollution, poor sanitation and poor water quality. Despite the large numbers of Egyptians affected with this disease, Tala’s central hospital was not equipped ... read more

  • Visiting Doctors Project

    Sadat Association started a new project titled (Visiting Doctors Program) in order to reach a better healthy life for local communities by providing integrated free medical services (Examination, medicine, tests and analyzes, X rays, etc) as well as providing ... read more



  • Pull Down the Fence - Interfaith

    Through a series of joint professional development workshops for teachers and arts, fun and cultural activities for students, this initiative aims to;
    1) Provide teachers with necessary skills to engage ... read more

  • Bicycles for Education “Talasklta” Project

    This project is of great importance and long-term impact, not only on the towns of Tala and Elshohada in Menoufia governorate, but also on the entire Delta region where the project is planned to extend over the coming years. ... read more

  • President Sadat fellowship

    President Sadat (president of Egypt 1971-1981) always believed that education is the only way to development. In the honor that belief, EL-Sadat Association for Development and Social Welfare offers the “President Sadat Fellowship”. ... read more



  • Tree Planting

    With the collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, El Sadat Association gathered the community to plant 500 trees throughout the Tala community.
    The presence of trees increased air quality and beautified. ... read more