The Tahrir Lounge Reviews the Role of Local Councils in the new Constitution

The Cultural Center in Donshway attended a workshop on the anticipated changes within local councils after the revolution. This workshop was part of a series hosted by Tahrir Lounge in Tala, Menoufia. Ahmed El-Helbawi, political activist and development expert, reviewed the conditions of the local councils and their pros and cons during the former regime. He proposed the mechanisms required to avoid drawbacks faced in the past, accusing both the local councils and the community of having a role in deepening the corruption during the former regime, which misused the law in the worst ways. El-Helbawi called for preparing a constitutional and legal proposal that would preserve the rights of the citizens and prevent corruption from surfacing again, along with the development of local councils to meet the needs of the growing community. He stressed that the people of Donshway, in cooperation with a legal expert and a representative of the local community, should start formulating recommendations to be submitted to the Constituent Assembly, as a proposal from a village that has a long history since it stood in the face of the English occupation in 1907. El-Helbawi said that a series of meetings of this kind will be held in the villages of Menoufia, to prepare the climate for broad popular participation in drafting the new constitution. He called on the Governor of Menoufia to endorse this community-based initiative to help spread various visions that reflect democracy in its finest images.