Community Participation & Educational Development Program

Tahrir Lounge Nile Delta conduct The community participation and educational development program on April 15 to May 12 2012, seeks to take care of the school as an institution of the civil society having an effective role within the community; it also seeks to strengthen this role through focusing the attention on the educational process as a whole (students, parents, teachers and all those involved in the educational process in schools), in addition to linking between them and the society in which they live through active participation, belonging and sensing the important role provided by the educational system within the community. 32 individuals attended the program from the community, including females. The program is concerned with the educational process, developing the role of the school within the community, and raising the capacity of workers in the educational field and providing them with the necessary trainings to help them exercise their roles successfully. Also, the focus was on taking care of the students and parents and strengthening their role for the advancement of education. This was achieved through two workshops during the last period in which the focus was on the role of learning and the teacher.