Towards Effective Citizenship

Towards Effective citizenship is one of the most important programs needed by the Egyptian society now to enhance the spirit of belonging and instill the sense of citizenship in the individuals. The program offers a real opportunity for young people to truly interact and get involved in the community to advocate for all the existing issues without prejudice to race, religion or any particular affiliation. The program is interested in effective citizenship (scientific research) by propagating the important role of future technology and the its significance in the development of Egypt and enhancing the talents of teachers in order to inspire the coming generation in building a society based on science and technology. This is done by the concerted efforts of talented researchers in the field of scientific research and technology. The program aims to promote a culture of scientific research, introducing the international exhibition for science and engineering, and selecting candidates from each school (supervising teachers & students with innovative research) and helping the talented and researchers by providing them with training materials and anything they need throughout their researches. The program was presented through lectures attended by 17 talented youth aiming to present and discuss the importance of scientific research and its role in society and the importance of participation over four days on May 12 to May 15 2012 ,is divided between the theoretical part and the practical application done by the participants. In addition there were also a range of practical workshops and discussions aiming at the success of this experience on the ground.