AutoCAD Course

The course has started on Monday the 9th of July and ends on the 26th of July. AutoCAD is the famous engineering software used by many youth in engineering and creating geometric designs on the computer using the best designs and effects with high precision and distinction, thus helping them to implement those designs in a proper way that is full of innovation. The program was implemented over seven workshops in which they discussed the program, the most important commands that must be followed while working on the computer, the different phases of design and how to execute the design in an accurate and comprehensive way, automatic saving where the program saves every minute automatically to avoid any malfunction or power failure, identifying a set of basic commands on the computer like the commands; "line" and its applications, "ray", and "circle" with explaining the properties and possibility of changing through a variety of choices. More than an example was carried out to produce several geometric forms jointly between the trainees and in many ways, either by drawing or selecting multiple points and connecting them with each other to form the shape with an explanation of each part and its details "sizes and angles" and proposing specialized examples in this field. The “modify” command was explained an applied on the big screen. The trainees followed-up and wrote important notes, then moved on to drawing and designing doors with specific angles, lengths and sides. They also tackled the command “properties object”, types of fonts, the command “dimension” and finally explained how to design an integrated home plan, how to print or draw it using all the orders that were explained through the training. Thirty (30) young students (boys & girls) attended this training from the different colleges specialized in engineering and designing as well as the youth interested in the field.