Health and Safety Program

The health and safety program aims to train school students from the age of 9-11 years on the most important safety conditions during accidents and dangerous situations, as well as customs and sound proceedings of dealing with all situations of daily life, how to face risks and how to preserve the environment and take advantage of what it provides. The Program will start on July the 15th to 18th July . The program addressed four main areas (first aid - healthy behaviors for the safety of our bodies - emergency responses - climate change and safe traffic). The participants learned first aid and how to aid the injured, health behaviors for the safety of our bodies, and how to respond to emergencies especially during the occurrence of fires and earthquakes and learning the causes of climate change and safe traffic. Nearly 56 students attended the program from different ages over the four workshops in a row. During the program the Egyptian Red Crescent team explained each axis and its application in practice for each one of the participants jointly with his colleagues to learn how to behave during the different situations. The program also explained the various organs of the body (respiratory system - digestive system - nervous system - the mobility system), explaining the structure and functions of each system, the health procedures that must be followed to maintain their safety and hence the safety of our bodies. It also tackled fire and earthquakes, what causes the fire, how to act in case of fires, and how to behave during an earthquake and safety measures. In the end the program addressed climate change and its causes, global warming and its causes, how to reduce it by avoiding the triggers, recycling to get rid of waste products and converting them into usable materials again, and how to take advantage of the rice straw in generating power.