Training of trainers for the Ministry of Solidarity’s staff

In the framework sought by El Sadat for Development and Social Welfare organization to implement the project of " Tawsol / public sector and civil society outreach" activities. The organization delivered Training of trainees (TOT) workshops for four days, starting from Friday 27th of June 2014 until Monday 30th of June 2014 to 25 financial and social auditors’ employees from the association’s management departments working at the Ministry of Solidarity directorates and departments of Upper Egypt governorates affiliated to the workshop. The training took place at Cecil Hotel in Alexandria; the participants were trained on the following topics:

 - Communication and presentation skills, facilitation, training and means of mutual learning 

- The theories and modern mechanisms that have evolved within the civil society, "the free exchange of information. Societal matter”

 - The experiences of different countries emerging the civil society with the government, within developmental framework. 

- Promotion of the principles and mechanisms of community participation. Each participant will train three groups of employees from departments and directorates of the Ministry of Solidarity, on some of training’s concepts that were introduced to them during the training of trainers’ workshop. Each participant will develop his/her own training plan and agenda, based on skills acquired at the training.