Who We Are

Since its establishment in 2004, El Sadat Association's main goal is to promote good governance through multifarious areas and in wide geographical areas. ESA firmly believes that good governance only achieved when a participatory approach is adopted to ensure engagement of citizens, government and CSOs together thus, transparency, accountability and access to information are guaranteed.  

Towards that goal, civic engagement is a key outcome that ESA focuses on underpinned by rule of law and parliament support. ESA believes that supporting democracy through civic engagement, community development, and rule of law, active citizenship & capacity development of CSOs, youth; and other stakeholders will ultimately contribute to improving the democratic process and hence political environment.

To this end, the civic engagement's essence reflects fundamentally on how a particular segment of the society perceives the meaning of citizenship and hereby chooses to actively enacting their citizenship within their community and this is precisely what ESA's efforts are directed to- is to empower citizens and different stakeholders to be responsibly active within their communities. Access to justice is also emphasized in ESA's projects through collaborating with different stakeholders to promote rule of law and access to information. 

ESA also underscores the economic aspect to empower citizens in a broader scale. The economic support encompasses empowerment of youth and women and improvement of the civic education within the education. 



Founder Profile

Anwar Esmat El Sadat is the founder and chairman of El Sadat Association for Social Development & Welfare, a registered non-governmental organization in Egypt. 

As Chairman, Mr. El Sadat ensures the Association maintains its mission of assisting the poorest of the poor in Egypt through civic and social development projects.
As the nephew of the late President Anwar El Sadat, Mr. El Sadat continues his family’s legacy of charitable work and commitment to the betterment of Egypt, particularly the Nile Delta, which is the birthplace of the late President.

Mr. El Sadat has long believed in the importance of community and social development through poverty alleviation, the promotion of human rights, and education. Through these beliefs he founded El Sadat Association in 2004, which currently implements a variety of initiatives targeted to women, youth, and unemployed .

Mr. El Sadat also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the General Federation of NGOs/Foundations in Egypt. An active member of Egyptian political life, Mr. El Sadat has served in Parliament and is also a member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs.

Contact information:

Address: 28 Samir Mokhtar St. Ard El Golf – Heliopolis, Cairo - Egypt

Tel: (02) 24185545 / 7 / 8

Fax: (02) 24184920

Email: info@el-sadat.org