Project Manager

Within the project "Enhancing the participation of civil youth in Egypt" according to the following conditions: -

Position: Project Manager

Project duration: a year

Direct manager: Chairman

 Main functional tasks:

-          Providing support and cooperation with the administration in designing, implementing, evaluating and managing the project.

-          Supervising and implementing the project plan proactively to ensure project implementation on schedule and in accordance with the budget.

-          Coordination of internal and external resources to meet the project requirements, as defined within the scope of the project.

-          Identify and mitigate the overall risks of the project by solving the problem and bypassing obstacles with the project team.

-          Keep informed of project status and deliverables, as well as risk and mitigation strategies.

-          Strives to achieve project results to stay on budget, on schedule, and to meet or exceed expectations.

-          Convert requirements to assign, define and assign them to team members and the project as a whole.

-          Ability to create and edit project documents, materials, presentations and correspondence internally and externally.

-          Follow up and supervise the work team.

-          Any other detailed tasks that fall within the scope of the project that are assigned by the association’s management.


-          BHA and preferably holders of high qualifications.

-          Experience working with international organizations or development or relief institutions / preferably

-          At least 7 years of relevant experience.

 Required skills and knowledge

-          Managerial skills.

-          Communication skills.

-          Negotiation skills.

-          Time management skills.

-          Good command of English.

-          The ability to organize the project's logical framework.

-          Ability to draft administrative, correspondence and follow-up reports.

-          Good knowledge in the field of using computer programs, especially (WORD, EXCEL.)

 How to apply:

Therefore, we invite those interested to submit the CV of the  project manager no later than Sunday dated 15th of December 2019 at 2 pm. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview.

Cairo Add: 28 Samir Mokhtar Str., end of Shams Eldine ElZahby, Ard Elgolf, Heliopolis (Tel:+20224185567)

Menofia Add:  Porsaid  Str., Tala, Menofia (+0483569049/+483569051)