Admin Assistant

Within the project "Enhancing the participation of civil youth in Egypt" according to the following conditions: -

 Position: Admin Assistant

Project duration: a year

Direct manager: Project Manager 

Main functional tasks:

·         Daily, weekly, and monthly supervision of the association's building and ensuring that all facilities and services are in operation, and that the general form of the association and general hygiene standards are fully applied.

·         Carry out the necessary maintenance work for the project and edit the purchase orders for maintenance and hygiene requirements.

·         Eliminate workers' complaints from domain complaints, malfunctions of utilities, the Internet, computers and their accessories according to maintenance systems through specialists and service suppliers.

·         Full supervision of the secretarial office, the tasks assigned to it and its subordinate units, and coordinating roles between them, as well as the description of each job.

Second: With regard to personnel files:

• Overseeing the preparation, organization, and arrangement of personnel files, to include all legal identification tools, experience certificates, investigations conducted with the worker, sanctions and rewards obtained.

• Supervising the preparation of a valid official, annual, ordinary and casual leave without salary, and whatever the type of leave is for each worker separately.

• Supervising and ensuring that insurance, work and salary taxes laws are applied according to the regulations.

• Supervising the preparation of monthly payroll and its effects, including additional, discounts and all deduction


- Participate in the selection and appointment of staff.

• Carrying out an introductory lecture to new employees about the association and the most important values ​​and concepts adopted by the association.

• Coordination of the performance management process (evaluation and development of performance).

• Building and updating a database of the association and the project.

• Providing advice and assistance in setting policies and procedures for personnel affairs, following up on their implementation and documenting them.

• Ensure that the recruitment procedures comply with the Egyptian labor laws and the association's internal regulations.

• Solve everything related to work issues and problems.

• Maintaining a database of the association's employees on the computer.

• Maintain the original documents of all the project's transactions.

• Providing the tools and supplies needed to conduct business within the association.

• Preparing and updating the salary record for employees.


-          BHA.

-          At least 5 years of experience.

Required skills and knowledge

-          Executive  skills.

-          Communication skills.

-          Time management skills.

-          Good command of English.

-          Good knowledge in the field of using computer programs, especially (WORD, EXCEL.)

 How to apply:

Therefore, we invite those interested to submit the CV of the  project manager no later than Sunday dated 15th of December 2019 at 2 pm. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview.

Cairo Add: 28 Samir Mokhtar Str., end of Shams Eldine ElZahby, Ard Elgolf, Heliopolis (Tel:+20224185567)

Menofia Add:  Porsaid  Str., Tala, Menofia (+0483569049/+483569051)