ICDL Course

Tahrir Lounge Nile Delta conduct ICDL Course is a training course on February 23 to May 7, through which we aim to o raise the efficiency of the community members and improve their way of handling modern life, particularly in the field of computers and the Internet. This is accomplished through a range of workshops presented by specialists in this field by using written and visual presentation methods. After completion of the training, the trainees do the necessary tests to pass the course successfully and obtain the ICDL certification which will assist them in their future life and career. This program was attended by 56 young graduates (girls and boys). This program aims to help young people to learn the means of modern technology; integrating them into their daily lives, helping the youth in their various job fields, developing their abilities to deal with modern technology as well as developing the skills of young people in the area of the Internet to open up to the world and different cultures. Workshops have been organized covering all educational stages, including seven levels. The attendees were trained to use and apply presentations on the computers, and the participants received certificates of participation in the course.