Art and Politics

Art and Politics program is one of the most important programs held in the community and representing the true reality of the period through which Egypt is going right now and through which young people have expressed their positions and their need for change and democracy through the art that reflects it. This is what impressed the whole world with the talented Egyptians in all fields of art during the events of the revolution. We tried through this program to express all this with the help of talented young people to demonstrate their talents through works of arts reflecting the political situation experienced by the Egyptian society. The program aims to discover talented in the areas of different art and develop their skills, and connecting art to politics and current events; as well as identifying community problems and communicating them through art. The program was implemented in ten workshops over a month and a half on April 24 to May 31 2012 , for the ones gifted in (drawing - photography - cartoons - graffiti), attended by more than 75 people in order for each participant to express his own directions through his individual works: - Drawing: Participants presented over the workshops presented a group of works of art in pencil and colors all from the reality of society and current events; its difficulty level ranged from easy to very difficulty with the help of the coach and the theoretical part studied by the trainees to improve their artistic talents and help them achieve professionalism. - Photography: after studying the theoretical part, the participating groups learned how to capture pictures artistically by taking to the streets and photographing the daily reality of the community. At the end of each workshop they discussed what was filmed and identified the errors so that they capture pictures at the end of the program with better professionalism and excellence and enhance their ability to use the camera at any time or place. - Caricature: The trainer in the first three workshops presented the theoretical part about the emergence of the art of caricature and its schools and the leading artists in these schools. Each trainee was asked to present his works through one of these schools. The trainees began to implement their own works then they moved to teamwork in which everyone participates. - Graffiti: the trainer conducted two theoretical workshops about the emergence and evolution of the art of murals throughout the ages. Then he moved to the use of spray cans and how to use them to create wall paintings. Starting from the fourth workshop the trainees started to work on paper so they can work on the walls. At the end of the training they jointly a big mural. - At the end an exhibition was held for the collective pieces that were accomplished by the gifted participants in the program from all the participating groups.