Youth Empowerment Program

Youth Empowerment Program Youth Empowerment Program works on discovering the aware and promising young leaders who had no opportunity to demonstrate their potential and talents during the last period, both in social or political life. Based on this, the program sponsors a youth who wants to be an effective leader in the community to serve his country, whether in politics or public life through a range of activities and specialized theoretical and practical exercises on three phases and through appearing in a live competitive TV show to display these talents to the community; officials and stakeholders. The program aims to discover young leaders within the community and develop their skills and help them play a real role by helping those around them to find a real and effective solution for their problems, giving the opportunity to young Egyptians to be active leaders in the community within the framework of the current democratic transition, and showing the possibilities and capabilities of the youth by giving them the opportunity to enhance their skills, as well as discovering the abilities of the young leaders in the community and developing them. The program was implemented through lectures and workshops for young people within the Forum over five consecutive days on April 12 to May 16 2012, in which they studied academic and scientific thinking methods for solving problems, scientific methods in studying various social problems and reaching results, then applying all this on the ground. The trainees presented field researches through their integration within the community and studying the surrounding problems where they apply the theoretical part in order to reach an appropriate solution. This was presented within a field day, after the completion of the theoretically part, through which each group presented a research to solve the problem in his society showing the right steps for reaching this solution.