Science & Engineering Gallery – Egypt

The Science and Engineering Gallery - Egypt started on Sunday July the 8th till Thursday July the 12th. It was designed to instill the reading passion in the students and develop their talents in science and technology. The students are directed to use scientific research to solve problems and to work on consolidating the spirit of participation and creativity and to develop the student’s performance in identifying the importance of scientific research and instilling the spirit of participation and ingenuity. The program was implemented through five workshops addressing the design of scientific research and proposing a range of researches such as (voice of the hands, wireless electricity and identifying what is inside the human body). The program also had topics about documenting the scientific research on "PowerPoint", and how to conduct scientific research. One of the students proposed a new "anti-virus" project about using the memory card in getting rid of viruses and this project was consider the most important output for this program. This program was attended by over 20 students from various schools (the most talented in the field of scientific research and technology).