“Woman and Politics” “Communication skills and conflict Solving”

The Woman and Politics Program aims at the development of women politically, socially and culturally especially in this phase the democratic shift experienced by Egypt and now that women play an important role in building a new generation based on democracy and freedom of opinion. The program is interested in all these areas specially the aspects of her interaction with the members of the community in terms of developing the skills of effective communication between women and the community and how to resolve conflicts peacefully and communicate well with others and identify the target needed to reach the best possible result. The program revolves around several axes, including effective communication skills and the purpose and importance of selecting the appropriate language and appropriate means for effective communication and the concept of communication and its components such as; the sender, the receiver, the content of the message, the feedback as well as measuring the extent to which this message achieved the required target, in addition to forms of effective communication and listening skills and how to develop them. This meeting was attended by a group of young men and women exceeding twenty, and it presented a real reflection for communicate within the community.