The second Network meeting of Tawsol / public sector and civil society outreach

El Sadat for Development and Social Welfare in coordination with the Ministry of Solidarity held the second meeting of the Network on Sunday, February 23, 2014 at the Ministry of Social Solidarity in the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Solidarity, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of State for Administrative Development and representatives of civil society organizations. The meeting addressed the following points : - Demonstrating the most important results of the Network’s first meeting and the adoption/stipulating of the meeting’s minutes. - Discussion of the Network’s functions and roles in the context of the overall objective of the project. It was also emphasized that the goal of the project is to build trust between the civil society and the government and to remove suspicion between the two sectors in order to achieve the cooperation of the service and welfare of the citizens , additional emphasis on the initial tasks of Network, that is coordination and building trust within the civil society itself and between civil society and the government , and develop a road map aiming for sustainable development The participants filled out a resources’ map identifying human and financial resources , material and services available to them. Moreover, they designed a questionnaire to identify participants’ opinions about the topics that were discussed at the first forum , which will bring together the public sector and civil society , also the participants proposed to nominate new members to join the Network At the end of the meeting it was suggested that the next step is to hold a workshop to produce a charter for the Network and collect some research reference on international conventions and international declarations and try to join other ministries. The workshop’s location will be outside Cairo in the presence of civil society and governmental’s ministries and media that are representatives from international organizations.