A conference organized by the Sadat Association on (Crisis Management through a Culture of Volunteering "Covid-19") in Gharbia Governorate

In view of the prominent role that civil society institutions play in positive participation in society, defining its goals, supporting development programs and encouraging volunteers, the Sadat Association, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, held between October and December 2020 a conference aimed at educating citizens about awareness of Coronavirus and ways to prevent it, The conference was attended by a large number of interested persons from different age groups, and the conference was also attended by respected gentlemen as speakers: Dr. Hany Dunya, head of the Western Pharmacists Syndicate, Mr. Dr. Muhammad Matahna, Undersecretary of Al Mahalla General Hospital, and Mr. Ahmed Heiba, Deputy Director of Public Relations at the Sharia Society.

 The conference discussed the efforts made by the Syndicate of Doctors, Pharmacists, Hospitals and Societies, and it dealt with the causes of the spread of the virus, methods of prevention and its impact on health and how the infection is transmitted, as well as the social, political and economic impacts that occurred to society regarding the Corona pandemic, treatment methods and the emergence of the virus, and how to improve the immunity of the individual .