A training package on designing executive plan and budget for initiatives for the youth of Behira governorate, by the Sadat Association

The Sadat Association for Social Development and Welfare held a package of trainings on communities initiatives/ development projects and it’s executive plans and budgets for the youth of Behira governorate within the framework of the activities of the project of promoting youth political and civic participation in Egypt, which is implemented by the Sadat Association for Social Development and Welfare under the auspices of the German ifa Institution. “Supported with German Federal Foreign Office’s, funds by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), Funding programme zivik”
The training package provided several knowledge and experiences aimed at refining youth experiences and preparing them to confront civil and political society and providing them with skills that would support youth in the process of presenting their ideas, orientations and opinions while respecting intellectual pluralism, diversity and other ideologies.
The training package dealt with several topics such as communication , leadership, negotiation skills, strategic planning, debates and speech arts, mechanisms for formulating development initiatives and/or projects, in addition to formulating an implementation plan and appropriate budgets. The methodology of the exercises was based on providing a practical part in addition to the theoretical part, in order to enrich the content presented to youth participants in the project.
In light of these international challenges, considerations of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the endeavors of the governments of the countries of the world and citizens of different nationalities to restore normal life routine. El-Sadat Association has been successfully organized the activities as per the Egyptian ministry of health regulations as well as WHO guidelines. The masks, alcohol, and face protector were distributed to the participants and the working team as the venue was safely and effectively satirized.