The local councils project team holds important participatory sessions

During this interval, the local councils team held 12 participatory sessions in the centers of Tala and Shuhada in different local units (Tukh Dalaka - Kafr Al-Sukareya – Zawyet Bamam - Kafr Al-Sukareya - Saft Jaddam - Kafr Al-Sukareya - Tala – Mit Abul-Kom - Sahel Al-Jawaber - Daragil – Zawyet Al-Naoura).
The number of attendees of these sessions reached 463 participants (citizens from different age groups and different jobs. The target that these sessions aimed to achieve was comprehensive awareness for the citizens about the local councils, the importance of participation of different groups of society in the next elections either by nomination or voting.
The participants expressed their happiness about the knowledge they gained and they also expressed their willingness to attend trainings and seminars on the local councils in the coming period