El-Sadat Association holds participatory sessions to activate the role of local councils

El-Sadat Association for Development and Social Welfare in Tala held 7 participatory meetings in Tala center (in the local units of Babel, Kafr Rabie, Zarkan) and the center of Shuhada (in the local units of Sahel Al- Jawaber, Zawyet Al-Bakly, Daragil, Zawyet Al-Naoura). The attendees were more than 200 participants (members of local councils, citizens, civil society organizations). These participatory meetings are part of the project events in order to activate the role of local councils in the centers of Tala and Shuhada, to involve the citizens in decision-making and to develop the community to be able to determine its requirements. During these sessions the participants were introduced to the project and its goals, the citizens were introduced to the local councils, the role of its members, the mechanisms of participating in the sessions of the local councils, how the citizens can contact the council members and enable them to view their problems and offer ways to solve them. The project was welcomed by a wide range of the of local councils members, by the citizens and by the civil society organizations in the local units.