Members of the local councils’ project meet the members of Sahel Al-Jawaber local council at Al-Shohada’ Center in Menoufia

In continuation to the objectives of the local councils, which is implemented by Al-Sadat Association for Development and Social Welfare, a meeting was held today between the project members and members of the local council in the local unit of Sahel Al-Jawaber in Al-Shohada’ Center. This was in the presence of a group of members from the local council, the council secretary and some of the coordinators of the project.
The project manager delivered a word about the project and explained the objectives of the project to the members of the local council. He pointed to the association’s projects and its services, and then they discussed what the local councils will do in the coming period, especially after the recent post-revolution political changes. At the end of the seminar the members of the project and the council members agreed to attend the main session of the council for the month of April which will be in the presence of all members of the local council, a group of citizens, heads of NGOs and the project coordinators; all of whom will be invited during the month of April.