El-Sadat Association celebrates the start of a project for community participation with the local councils

El- Sadat Association for Development and Social Welfare threw an opening ceremony for the project of the societal cooperation with the local councils in the centers of Tala and Shuhada on Sunday 17/4/2011 at Sultana Hall in Tala and in the presence of Mr. Muhammad Anwar El-Sadat, head of the association. In the ceremony they showed videos about some of the projects of the Association and they discussed some issues about the future of the localities. They discussed means to achieve convergence of views among the members of local councils and the citizens, and shed light on the roles of the local councils, the executives and the public after the revolution and the need to activate the role of the local councils in an unprecedented transparency and how to make use of the objectives of the revolution. The attendees expressed their happiness about the points that were highlighted during the discussions, hoping to apply what they understood on real grounds.