Under the auspices of El-Sadat Association the youth of Tala begin their campaign in beautifying the city

It was a scene that reflects the splendor of the youth, their enthusiasm and their desire to see their country in the best picture, and over the past 7 days which are the duration of the campaign organized by the youth for beautifying Tala center and adopted by El-Sadat Association for Development and Social Welfare in Tala. The youth divided themselves into groups, a group for cleaning, a group for painting the sidewalks and a group for collecting the trash. They were helped by the citizens who saw them and instantly came down to the streets to work with them and educate others about the importance of beautifying and preserving the environment. MP Muhammad Anwar El-Sadat (Chairman of the Board of Directors of El-Sadat Association) participated in this day with his family amid crowds of youth from the center of Tala who participated as well. We hope to see the same event in the various governorates of Egypt