Kiosks for economic empowerment (Youth & Women)

  • Target Areas  :  Menoufia

Description: Funded by the German embassy in Cairo, this initiative targeted ten young unemployed people and increased their economic status and their families through Mobile kiosks and by creating a role model for other youth in their community and to encourage other young people to implement the same project.  Ten beneficiaries were trained to manage and run their own small business unit through technical and financial training.

Due to a shortage of employment opportunities and available farmland around the Menofia governorate, a large percentage of the male population has left the area to search for income beyond the governorate’s borders. This phenomenon has left many female-headed households behind, and subsequently, many women are left searching for income generating activities. After interviewing and surveying the needs of these women, El Sadat Association introduced the Kiosk project. Female beneficiaries received micro-financed kiosks units, selling goods in their villages. Beneficiaries also built their capacity to run small businesses by receiving training in accounting, businesses processes, and management of capital. The nature of the project allowed more women to be economically empowered by owning small businesses. These businesses provided for their families and supported them financially. The initiative was funded by Sawiris foundation for social development.